Jicamarca Radio Observatory
Main Equatorial Station of the chain of incoherent scatter radio observatories
dedicated to the study of the ionosphere and upper atmosphere.

Slide keyboard_arrow_down AERONOMY AND SPACE WEATHER The behavior of Earth'supper layers such as the ionosphere and thermosphere and the phenomena associated to them can affect our technologies and livelihoods. LEARN MORE RESEARCH PROGRAMS The Earth is continuously bombarded by particles and objects of different sizes and compositions that disintegrate in the atmosphere. keyboard_arrow_down METEORS AND SPACE OBJETCS LEARN MORE

Slide In order to study and monitor the ionosphere and upper atmosphere in the equatorial region, different experiments and measurements are conducted with the Jicamarca incoherent scatter radar and various instruments distributed in Peru. Go to the following link to access our database. keyboard_arrow_down DATABASE LEARN MORE

Slide In our National Geophysical Repository (REGEN), you will find the publications generated by the different projects and studies carried out at the Jicamarca Radio Observatory. keyboard_arrow_down PUBLICATIONS LEARN MORE

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Slide LOCAL PROGRAM We organize a national internship program for undergraduates students from local universities and an international internship program (JIREP) for master’s and doctoral students from abroad.