Cluster of Instruments for
Equatorial and low Latitude Observations

Slide 1991 In 1991, Ciencia Internacional —a non-profit civil association— was created with the purpose of providing personnel, goods, and services to the observatory in order to support the IGP in the operation of JRO. CIELO The CIELO area (Cluster of Instruments for Equatorial and low Latitude Observations) is responsible for managing a set of geophysical instruments for the observation of the ionosphere and upper atmosphere in order to improve and increase our knowledge about the phenomena that occur in these regions. These instruments are grouped in monitoring networks that are deployed in different cities of Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina and Colombia.

The monitoring networks are composed of GNNS receivers, ionosondes, magnetometers, Fabry-Perot interferometers, airglow cameras, among others. All instruments acquire data continuously and are sent in real time to IGP servers, where they are stored, processed and distributed to the scientific community.