Radar Operations

Slide RADAR OPERATIONS The radar Operations area is in charge of maintaining and operating the ionospheric or incoherent scatter radar at the Jicamarca Radio Observatory. It is responsible for the maintenance of the main antenna and radar transmitters; as well as, the configuration of the radar equipment, in order to carry out experiments for the study of the ionosphere. Likewise, this area is responsible for the processing of the data acquired in order to share it with the scientific community.

As well, it is responsible for the operation and maintenance of other radar systems distributed in different places in Peru with the aim of expanding the ionospheric studies that we carry out. Some of these systems are the Bi-static ICA-JRO radar, the HF sounding system (in Barranca, Ancon, Jicamarca, Mala, La Oroya, Sicaya, Ica, La Merced), the SIMONe meteor radar (in Huancayo, Jicamarca, Azpitia, Chaclacayo, Ancon, Santa Rosa), the TIDDBIT radar (in Sayan, Ancon, Lurin and Matucana), and other instrumentation.