Slide MAIN JRO DATABASE INSTRUMENT / MODE JRO MADRIGAL WEB JICAMARCA DATABASES JRO INTERNAL In this website, you will find links to the different databases of the measurements and observations that are conducted with the main radar of Jicamarca and the network of geophysical instruments that we have in charge. Madrigal database stores the ionospheric parameters measured by the Jicamarca radar.

Below you will find three tables: (1) Main JRO database containing mainly data related to our ionospheric radars, (2) Other Instruments in charge of JRO (e.g., magnetometers, FPIs, atmospheric radars, etc.), and (3) Models and other databases that are related to JRO research activities (Plasma drifts models, Kp index, etc.)

Different links are provided for different data types. Depending on where you are located, what kind of graphical information or tools you need, what kind of research you are conducting, you can decide for one or more links. For example, if you want to access ISR (Incoherent Scatter Radar) data directly and correlate it with other ionospheric parameters you can use Madrigal.
OTHER ISR MAIN RADAR MODES ISR Oblique Ne, Te, Ti, % Rawdata [Cornell][JRO mirror] ISR Perpendicular CSR MAIN RADAR MODES JULIA Bistatic Radar imaging IONOSPHERIC RADARS AMISR14 Digisonde Drifts Rawdata Drifts RTIs Spectra [Cornell] E Ne Spectra RTIs Cross Spectra [Cornell] [U. Illinois][JRO mirror] [JRO mirror] Ionograms Ionograms [U.M. Lowell][iSWA Digisonde] SIMONE (no está habilitada una BD
para vientos de simone)
HF System [JRO mirror] SNR Ch0, SNR Ch1,
Doppler, Phase and Coherence
[JRO mirror] HF System RDTI Plots [JRO mirror] TIDDBIT System [online] *Request data by sending an email to database-jro@igp.gob.pe OTHER INSTRUMENTS JRO INSTRUMENT / MODE JRO WEB JRO INTERNAL OPTICAL INSTRUMENTS AIRGLOW CAMERAS FPI NETWORK LISN NETWORK INSTRUMENTS Raw Data Base Online Supervision Ionosonda (VIPIR) Magnetometers GNSS receivers ΔH 1 min Rx links Rinex, LB2 OTHER ATMOSPHERIC RADARS BLTR CLAIRE [LISN] Stations Connectivity [JRO mirror] [Kyoto U.][INTERMAGNET] OLDER SYSTEMS DATABASE JASMET Jicamarca Wind Profiler Wind maps Spectra CIRI-HYO Northern Peru Wind Profilers [Consensus, windmap] [online] Processed data, ACFs [JRO mirror] *Request data by sending an email to database-jro@igp.gob.pe IONOSPHERICS MODELS AND OTHER DATABASES OTHER INSTRUMENT / MODE Drifts based on magnetometer data JRO WEB JRO INTERNAL OTHER [ExB drifts(ΔH)] [ExB drift CETI e]
CIRI-HYO [link] *Request data by sending an email to database-jro@igp.gob.pe Acknowledgements: The Jicamarca Radio Observatory is a facility of the Instituto Geofisico del Peru operated with support from the NSF AGS-1732209 through Cornell University.