Marisol Mercado


Student of Computering Science
Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico

“It is an ideal choice for any student who wants to serve into a non-profit organization, who wishes to support the international scientific community, and who is deeply interested in cultural immersion in a South American country. The experiences acquired during the stay will help to strength yourself and to view life from a different perspective. The relationship with foreigners can be a potential opportunity to learn from their experiences, different personalities and cultural subeground. The service one will bring and the experiences and lessons one will obtain are beyond the scope of the technological and scientific area.”

Liyu Guo


Student of Physics
Clemson University, USA

“As a physics Ph.D student with some knowledge of radar data applications, the ten weeks at JRO were extremely beneficial in helping me understand the radar experiments in real working environment. The personnel at JRO were so friendly that I was able to learn the operation and data analysis of the new JASMET radar which I had not studied before. Peru is also one of the most fascinating countries to experience rich culture. I enjoyed all the trips and I hope to revisit in the near future.”