Juha Vierinen


Student of Computer Science
Helsinki University of Technology, Finland

“I enjoyed my experience very much. JRO was a wonderful innovative place, with warm and friendly people. Keep up the good work!”

Alex Chartier


Student of Mechanical Engineering
University of Bath, UK

“I had a great time at JRO. The food and hospitality were very good. I particularly enjoyed the sports at lunchtime. I made a lot of progress with my work and came back with some interesting results. Thank you for the opportunity to see your country and experience your culture.”

Lais Guizelli


Student of Electrical Engineering
University of Taubate (UNITAU), Brazil

“The JIREP is a great opportunity for those who want to learn more about the instrumentation mainly. I could work with radar data, we learned better how to operate. The people of the JRO is always willing to help us, they are very kind. I hope one day to return to the observatory, and certainly I recommend to other students to participate in this wonderful experience.”