Nicholas Slowey

Student of Physics & Astronomy
Boston University, USA

“I had a lot of fun at JRO this summer. I was able to complete a lot of work, and to work in a very beautiful location. Any difficulties I had were addressed, although sometimes other concerns delayed the people helping me, and in the end everything was running smoothly. The people I asked for help were knowledgeable, although not all were able to always express themselves in English, and I’ve come away with a far better understanding of my field than I had previously.”

Burak Tuysuz

Student of Electromagnetics
Penn State University, USA

“This summer program in JRO is a very important opportunity for one who is interested in radars to see a radar in operation with all the aspects. I had the chance to learn great amount of valuable information about radars, their operation and further processes on the data. It was also a very productive program. Beside my studies, observing different projects of valuable engineers and scientists in there was very inspiring. I will be using this valuable knowledge in my future studies. On the other hand, Peru was the first country I visited in South America and it was one of the unforgettable experiences I have ever had. It is a wonderful country, I really enjoyed the culture and people as well as the fabulous food that I taste. I hope to revisit in the near future and I wish more students can have the chance to be at JIREP.”

Nicholas Matteo

Student of Mathematics
Miami University, Ohio USA

“I think I met more interesting people in 11 weeks at Jicamarca than in 11 years at home! Jicamarca has lots of smart people working on lots of interesting things, and they are happy to talk about their projects. I learned a lot from them and I hope to keep in contact with many of them.”