Septi Perwitasari


Student of Geophysics
Tohoku University, Japan

“How should I describe my experience in Jicamarca? Well, I totally describe it as an unforgettable summer experience! I had a great experience working with people in Jicamarca. The staff and the people I worked with are so nice and warm. They made sure that we, JIREP students, could work and live in a good environment. I think my 11-weeks of staying there was more productive than, maybe, 6 months at home. In addition of wonderful working experience, I also enjoyed the Peruvian culture. For me, it was my first and might be my last chance to travel and visit Peru. So I would like to thanks everyone for the wonderful and pleasant memories and also for the chance to meet and work with brilliant students from other universities.”

Levent Gezer


Student of Electrical Engineering
University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, USA

“My experience in Jicamarca is one of a kind I will never forget in my life and always remember with good memories. I found the people in Jicamarca very welcoming and friendly. The scientists and engineers are very knowledgeable and always they are there to help you although they have a busy schedule. Administration people always made things easy for me. Since we were a crowded group of foreign students, we had a better chance to learn about different cultures and get to know the people in different countries. I found all the presentations and paper discussions very useful. Additionally, social activities such as sports, hanging out with our friends in Jicamarca and international day were very nice. I made very nice friends. Thanks for everything.”

Boyi Gao


Student of Electrical Engineering
Pennsylvania State University, USA

“I had a good time staying here. People are nice and helpful. I’ve learned so many useful things on site. And Dr. Chau was always ready to answer my questions. Travelling in Peru is another wonderful experience for me. We could do various activities with the staff working here during weekends. ”

Brian Harding


Student of Electrical and Computering Engineering
University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, USA

“The JIREP was incredible experience on two levels. For one, it offered a first-hand experience of South America and Peru that is really unavailable as a tourist. The hospitality of the people and unique insight into the culture were really amazing. Second, it offered a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with top scientists at the best instrument in the world for studies of the ionosphere. In my opinion it’s important for a beginning graduate student to get out of the office and see how the science is really done, so I really appreciated the chance to do so. This has been a summer I’ll never forget. ”