Sovit Khadka


Student of Physics
Boston College, USA

“JIREP is an incredible program with a unique experience that gave me a decent opportunity to significantly advance my doctoral research. The JRO people are very friendly and available to help at all times, not only on weekdays but also during weekends. My host family provided a welcoming home with great Peruvian cultural hospitality. I enjoyed various Peruvian dishes and traveled to many beautiful places. My ten weeks spent in Jicamarca was one of the greatest and most inspiring times of my life, both academically and culturally. It was a really worthy program and I would recommend it to anybody with an interest in the world of ionospheric related science. Thank you JROians for your tireless support and generosity!”

Yolian Amaro


Student of Electrical Engineering
Pennsylvania State University, USA

“My experience at the Jicamarca Observatory was great! I really enjoyed working on my project and it had a great impact in my graduate research path. Additionally, the presentations at Jicamarca helped me learn about some of the latest developments in my field. The JRO staff was very helpful and the host family was extremely nice. I would definitely recommend the JIREP program to anyone. Thank you JRO!”

Brian Breitsch


Student of Electrical Engineering and Mathematics
Miami University, USA

“The JIREP was a great experience for me, both academically and personally. Being in another country gave me the right balance of focus (away from usual friends/distractions) and cognitive stimulation (knowing new cultures, practicing Spanish, learning about ISR, and being exposed to other students’ investigation topics)”

Saiveena Kesaraju


Student of Electrical Engineering
Pennsylvania State University, USA

“I had a great time working at Jicamarca Observatory. The project work and presentations offered as the part of the JIREP program have helped me to understand Radar technology and its scientific applications. Apart from the work, Jicamarca staff and the host family were very friendly. They encouraged me and other JIREP program members to visit tourist places in Peru and took care of us during our stay. ”