Eloise Perrochet

Student of Electrical Engineering
University of Washington – USA.

“I loved my JRO experience. I’ll miss the science, the food, the radar, the landscape, the general vibe, and most of all the people. Thank you so much for the opportunity and hospitality. I’ve had the time of my life here in Peru and I definitely will return one day”.

Jack Wang

Student of Aerospace Engineering Sciences,
Ph.D. Program
University of Colorado Boulder – USA.

“The research scientists and staffs in the Jicamarca Radio Observatory is highly professional and friendly. Also, exploring Peru during my spare time is a great adventure for me as well. With getting excellent research progress here and making many great friends in Jicamarca, this time period will be the most unforgettable experience in my life.”.

Juliana Jaen

Student of Astronomy
National University of La Plata – Argentina.

“JRO and JIREP experience is amazing. All the people involved, the place, the instruments are incredible.I am leaving with a lot more knowledge of the one I had before and I am leaving many people that I will miss. The staff are great people and they include you in daily activities very warm and openly”.

Sharon Aol

Student of Space Physics
University of Science and Technology – Uganda.

“JRO is a great observatory for both academic and social growth. JIREP provided an opportunity to interact not only with the staff at JRO but also with other international students. All the knowledge and skills that I have gained while at JRO will definitely enrich my current studies”.