Jack Kurth

Student of Electrical Engineering
Pennsylvania State University, USA

“I had a wonderful time at Jicamarca, and learned a great deal about my field!”

Tarique A. Siddiqui

Student of Geophysics
University of Potsdam, Germany

“Jicamarca is a world class research facility where you can find dedicated personal scientific extremely helpful and accommodating”

Jaime Aguilar


Student of Engineering Physics
Embry – Riddle Aeronautica University, USA

“My time at JRO was a really fun. As I developed software for the airglow imager, the weather in Lima has the additional challenge of being frequently cloudy which affects the number of available imager observations. However the importance of imaging products both on their own and as part of multi observational studies with Jicamarca’s main radar means that efforts need to be made to make the best of clear nights. Multiobservational studies have become prominent and important at JRO and overall in Aeronomy and Space Weather. ”