Testimonies 2019
  • Pavan Chaitanya Peddapati

    National Atmospheric Research Laboratory – India

    "I would like to thanks to JIREP program.The scientists and staff at JRO are very supportive andcooperative. The knowledge I gained from JRO will be very useful in advancing my research career."

  • Elizandro Huipe

    Student of Geosciences
    National Autonomous University of Mexico – México

    "This experience was very satisfying, the people at JRO is always open to help with your project, to share their knowledge and to answer your questions. Also there is a good feeling of fellowship and collaboration which improves the scientific and also the cultural experience."

  • Lin Le

    Student of  Electrical Engineering
    University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign - USA

    "JIREP is a really good experience. I really learned more about 150 km echo because I was working with the JULIA data. I t´s was really useful. Also, the people here is friendly and helpful."

  • Gabrielle Guttormsen

    Student of  Astronomy and Physics
    Boston University – USA

    "It was really amazing and I would 100% do the entire experience again. It is one of the best internship experiences I have had, both because of the research and the social environment at Jicamarca."